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Personal Insurance Products We Offer


House on a cliff by the ocean surrounded by green grass.

Homeowners Insurance doesn't just protect your greatest asset, it also protects your belongings and your financial independence after the unexpected. 


Classic car in cherry red in front of a gray sky.

 Car insurance is about more than just coverage for your vehicle.  It is important to make sure your family is covered in case of an accident. 


City intersection during a flood, water rising all the way up to the street signs.

Floods can be a devastating result of unpredictable weather. Primary Homeowners' policies don't protect you from Flood damage. Flood insurance is there to fill that void.  


Sail boats docked at the marina at sunset.

Boat insurance covers more than just your boat! It can also cover trailers and motors. You want to make sure you're protected for those physical losses but sometimes more importantly, you need the liability protection. 


Classic BMW motorcycle

Motorcycle insurance covers your ride in case of an accident, theft or damage.  Make sure you have the right coverage for your bike! 

Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability

woman standing under an umbrella during a rain storm

 Umbrella insurance policies cover your risk above and beyond the limits of your primary home or auto policies. They can cover your financial security after an unexpected accident.